Utah Fallen Officers Ride - Aug 2021

Penny and I rode in the 15th Annual Utah Fallen Officers Ride today, Aug 15, 2021. The Fallen Officers in Utah have been very dear and important to us. Our son married the widow of a Utah fallen officer, Derek Johnson. Sergeant Johnson who worked for the Draper police department, was coming home from his shift the morning of Sept 1, 2013, when he pulled over to help a vehicle that seemed to have problems. A male in the vehicle pulled out a gun and started firing at Derek, who was fatally shot, not before he was able to radio a distress call.

We support of police officers. Ninety nine percent of our national police officers are good honorable men and women who go to work each day to protect our freedoms and make our communities safe. Thank God for our men and women in blue!

In today's Fallen Officer Ride, there were over a thousand motorcyclist that participated, along with members of police forces throughout the state.
This clip is of my grandson and granddaughter showing their respect to our police enforcement men and women. After the black pickup truck the 2nd motorcycle was my wife and I. Our grandson loves anything policeman or fireman related. He was dressed in his police uniform.
My wife has a fear of riding on the back of a motorcycle. Today she was brave and courageous. 
Our police escorts. We love our men and women in blue. They risk their lives each day to serve the community.

As we passed the firetrucks, all the firemen were standing at attention and saluting as we passed.
This was our first year riding in the Annual Utah Fallen Officers Ride. We thoroughly enjoyed riding with another 1,000 riders. We support our law enforcement, and pray for their safety and wisdom in the duty of their office.

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