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I have learned, for our motorcycle safety, it is important to learn from other rider's mistakes. This is especially true when it comes to motorcycle accidents. I often hear a coined phrase, "It's not if, but when you are involved in a motorcycle accident." That may be true to some or even most, but it doesn't have to be that way.

My feelings are that if you are always alert drive as if Cagers (Those who drive cars and trucks) don't see you. So I assume I am invisible to them. When approaching an intersection, I assume that the person getting ready to turn left doesn't see me and will turn in front of me. So, I always slow down through intersections with my hand and foot on the brakes. Or when approaching a vehicle on the Interstate, I  assume that they don't see me coming and they are going to pull into my lane.

Safest Lane on the Interstate

And speaking of the Interstate, to me, the safest lane to travel in is the far left lane. Why? Because when I am in that lane, I only have to worry about traffic to the right of me and not the left. Also, in the big cities, a lane that is considered an HOV lane is usually protected with a double line. Which means that traffic is not to cross over the double line. (However, don't count on drivers adhering to the double line rule. Still assume they are going to cross over)

It is when I get too causal in my driving, that I get worried. Every once in a while I need to do a self-check to make sure I am driving defensively and very alert of those drivers around me

Whenever I hear or read about an accident involving one of our fellow riders, I like to determine if the accident could have been avoided. It is interesting to note, that in most cases the accident was avoidable. 

Accident Statistics

Below I have compiled information about motorcycle accidents that I feel would be wise for all of us to study and understand.

Here is a study produced by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 2019 Study on Motorcycle Accidents.

USA Statistics on Motorcycle Accidents

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