Day 7 - Hwy 12 - Calf Creek Falls

Well, today was another fun filled day.
I started on Hwy 12 going up and over Boulder Mt. I was concerned with the strong winds in the morning. With a prayer I took off and the winds subsided. After going up and over the mountain and through the City of Boulder, I came to Hell’s Backbone, where the road drops off for a 1,000 feet on both sides. On top of that there was a strong side wind. So I white-knuckled it through.
Next I saw a sign that said Calf Creek Falls. Last time I hiked into these falls was 20plus years ago. So I thought, why not. It was a 6 mile hike in and back. And I’m 20 years older, with 4 knee operations since then. What was I thinking! It was hot, the whole trail was sand, and my knees reminded me that they don’t work so well. But I endured and eventually made it. A nice part of the hike was that I met Jeff and Lisa from Tremonton, Utah. They were awesome. I posted a picture of them at the Falls. We also spotted some petroglyphs of three warriors. Oh yes, and I saw a snake, video attached. Enjoy that one, you snake haters!
I eventually made it to Bryce Canyon for the night. I’ll see the sights tomorrow, then head home, like a horse to the barn. I miss my sweetheart!!!!!

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