Day 6 - Natural Bridges & Capital Reef Utah

Today I left Blanding and turned on Hwy 95 towards Natural Bridges and Capital Reef National Parks. At Natural Bridges, you have to look really close to see the arches as they blend into the scenery.
Then I stopped at the other end of Lake Powell at the Hite Marina overlook. (But the marina is not there, just a dry boat ramp.) I can remember in the late 70’s, early 80’s, Penny and I, and our young family, going with my parents to camp at Hite. There was was a lake back then, and we would ski up the Channel to where the Colorado emptied into the Lake. Sad that Lake Powell has gone down so much.
Then I stopped at Hanksville’s famous Stan’s Burger Shack and ordered a double cheeseburger. That was good.
Then onto Capital Reef. Can I just say this part of the State is just amazing. Beautiful vistas and dynamic colors.
I stopped for the night in Torrey and found a place at the beginning of Hwy 12, which I will be riding on tomorrow. I’m staying at the Wonderland RV Park. When I inquired at the office, they said they were booked up. When I told them that I would take anything, because I was tired and didn’t want to keep looking. I think they felt sorry for this old guy, and put me in the corner of their park. And actually it is really a nice spot in the shade. Thanks for following me along.
See you tomorrow.
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