Day 5 - Monument Valley

Today, traveling the quiet roads of Northern Arizona and Southern Utah.

On the road through Monument Valley I stopped at the Forest Gump Hill to take a photo op. This is the place where Forest, after running across the United States, stopped and said “I’m tired, I think I’m going to go home now.”
I stopped for lunch at McDonalds in Kayenta, and because it is on the Navajo Reservation, they still have mandatory mask mandate. So I had to mask up, and eat outside in the heat. ☹️
Going through Mexican Hat I realized what they named the town after. See the pic below.
I decided to call it a night and checked in to a nice RV Park in Blanding managed by Adam, whose grandpa built the RV Park right next to his old homestead.
When I pulled into my spot for the night I was greeted by Randy and his wife from Cottonwood Heights in Salt Lake. Very friendly. I’m sure I’ll visit more with them.
Well, it’s been a fun filled day. Talk to you tomorrow.
mcdonalds restaurant
mcdonalds restaurant
monument valley utah
forrest gump hwy motorcycle trip utah
mexican hat motorcycle trip utah
motorcycle trip utah

Monument Valley

Monument Valley, meaning valley of the rocks, is a region of the Colorado Plateau characterized by a cluster of sandstone buttes, the largest reaching 1,000 ft (300 m) above the valley floor.[1] It is located on the Utah-Arizona state line, near the Four Corners area. The valley is a sacred area that lies within the territory of the Navajo Nation Reservation, the Native American people of the area. Monument Valley has been featured in many forms of media since the 1930s. Director John Ford used the location for a number of his Westerns; critic Keith Phipps wrote that "its five square miles [13 square kilometers] have defined what decades of moviegoers think of when they imagine the American West.

Forest Gump Hwy

In the 1994 film, Forest Gump, Forest suddenly tires from running for thousands of miles and stops and says he's tired and guesses he'll go home now. This spot is located just north of the Utah border on Hwy 163 in the beautiful Monument Valley.

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