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I've always performed my own maintenance on all my motorcycles and cars, something that my Daddy taught me. I especially am particular when it comes to my motorcycle. I learned from experience that most Dealers are not as careful with your motorcycle as you would be yourself. One example I can give. I took my Honda VTX 1300 into the dealer to have a new rear tire installed. After picking up the bike, and starting on a trip with a couple of friends, I heard a loud clank noise when I applied the rear brake. After stopping and pulling over, upon further inspection I discovered the clanking noise was from my brake caliper that was not bolted down. The bolt was gone. I also checked the axle nut on the rear tire, and it was only finger tight. That was the last time I had a dealer work on my motorcycle. I didn't want to put my life into their hands.

So here you will find a few videos I have made on certain installations and servicing of my motorcycle. I will also include some videos from others that I feel are valuable to share.

Changing the main headlight bulb on a Honda Goldwing

Motorcycle Trailer Hitch Installation on a Honda Goldwing GL1800 - Years 2001 to 2017

Detailed installation instructions for installing a motorcycle trailer hitch on a Honda Goldwing GL1800. This video will go through step by step instructions for installing a Vertical Receiver Hitch by Show Chrome (52-825) onto a Honda Goldwing GL1800 motorcycle. In purchasing this motorcycle hitch I found that there were no videos showing the installation of the hitch onto my Goldwing motorcycle. And many of the reviews on the Show Chrome Vertical Receiver Hitch stated that the written instructions where not detailed enough. So I created this video to help others to install a motorcycle trailer hitch onto their motorcycle. This video may apply to other motorcycles and hitches as well.

TimeOut Trailer Floor Brackets for Easy Lifting

One of the complaints concerning the motorcycle trailer made by TimeOut Trailers is the difficulty of lowering and lifting the flooring panel of the trailer. That section has two hinged panels that are heavy and awkward to handle and lift. So after seeing an idea on the TimeOut Facebook page that was posted by Mark Beasey on how to make it easier to lift, I decided to do a modified version of his idea. This video gives the detailed instructions of what I did.

Preparation for my HWY 101 Trip

In August of 2020 I took a trip in which I rode the full length of HWY 101 starting near the Canadian border in Washington State, and riding it all the way down the west coast to the Mexican border in San Diego, California. This is a short video on my preparation and packing for the trip. You can also see my video blog of my HWY 101 trip.

Purchased a Generac 2200 Generator

Purchased a Generac 2200 generator for my motorcycle trips to power a 5,000 BTU Air Conditioner. This video is a review of this product.

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