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2015 indian roadmaster

Welcome to Motorcycle Rides USA. I'm Brad, and this is where I share my motorcycle adventures. There's nothing like the thrill of the open road. The wind in my face and the vast landscapes are exhilarating. But, to me, riding isn't just a hobby. It's a way to soothe my soul and spirit. As I explore on my bike, I feel deeply connected with a higher power. The long, quiet highways offer time for reflection, helping me gain insights into my life.

My New Ride (2023)

In 2014, I fell in love with a 2015 Indian Roadmaster during a test ride. Its rich Indian heritage touched me. Surprisingly, I became the owner of this model eight years later, even though I already owned a 2002 VTX 1300 and a 2001 Honda Goldwing.

This happened during a family dinner at my oldest daughter's house. After eating, we decided to walk around the block before dessert. As luck would have it, we found the same Indian Roadmaster I test rode eight years ago for sale around the corner.

While my daughter and her husband talked to the homeowner, I checked out the bike and sat on it. Despite being eight years old, the bike had only 1,800 miles on it. It was practically new, but cheaper.

I couldn't pass up the chance to ride it again, even in shorts and flip-flops. The first ride around the block was nice. I came back the next day for a longer test on the freeway. Once I hit 6th gear, I was hooked. The ride was incredibly smooth. And so, I gave this piece of motorcycle history a new home.

Motorcycle Rides I’ve Taken

There are so many amazing places that I have visited and experienced,  having crossed the United States 6 times, and having traveled up into Canada. Because of that I have ridden in every one of the lower states. Alaska is on my check list. And technically I have ridden in Hawaii on a rented bike. I have ridden in rain (For days at a time), wind, hail and I even dodged a tornado in Nebraska. I hydroplaned once in rain, and was lucky to have kept my bike upright.

My cross country trips started on a 2004 Honda VTX 1300. After putting 100,000 miles on this bike, I decided to retire it and step up into a Honda Goldwing. I’ve really enjoyed the Goldwing. It is a very smooth and comfortable bike. I’m looking forward to putting another 100,000+ on this bike.

What I’ve Learned on Motorcycle Rides

I have learned much about riding safe. It is always important to “assume” that other drivers do not see you. Assume that they are going to cut you off, pull out in front of you, or run a red light. Now as I have tried to follow my own advice, I have managed to stay out of trouble. I find when I start getting too casual in my riding, is when I can get into trouble.

What I Feel on Motorcycle Rides

Whenever I go on a motorcycle ride, I feel a deep sense of divine protection. This feeling is not vague or temporary; it's a strong, comforting presence that feels like invisible safety gear. Before I ride, I always pray quietly, asking for protection on my journey. Over the years, I've had many experiences that confirm this divine protection, each one a special sign of a higher power looking out for me.

One incredible example happened during a long ride from Salt Lake City, surrounded by mountains, to the sunny beaches of Daytona Beach, Florida. I'll never forget this trip, not just for the changing scenery, but for a unique event that reinforced my belief in divine intervention.

As I rode through the varied landscapes of Texas, I found myself just outside the busy city of Dallas. Here, I was riding in the far left lane of the freeway. I've always found this lane safest, mostly because it lets me focus on watching the traffic on my right. This strategy has always worked for me, but on this ride, something extraordinary happened.

Suddenly, a quiet but firm inner voice told me to move one lane to the right. Over the years, I've learned not to ignore these gut feelings. They're like whispers from the universe, guiding me when I need it most. So, without any hesitation, I listened to this inner guidance and changed lanes.

Just 10 seconds later, the car that had been in front of me in the fast lane swerved sharply. It was trying to dodge a large metal conduit that had just fallen off a truck ahead. The scene was like something from an action movie, but it was very real. If I had ignored that inner voice and stayed in my original lane, the results could have been disastrous.

Well, enjoy my website “Motorcycle Rides USA.” I will keep this website updated with my motorcycle trips. You can also follow me on Facebook. I have a personal page: Brad’s Personal Facebook Page. And my USA Motorcycle Rides Page.

8 comments on “Motorcycle Rides USA”

  1. Nice site. I have to post a few rides myself that I took in the fall on my Burgman.

    Your safety rules mirror mine, to wit:

    1. Stay the hell away from everything.

    2. Assume the driver on the right wants to turn left and vice versa.


  2. We should hook up and compare notes. I too have been in all 50 states- most more than once, 6 Canadian provinces. Alaska was awesome too. I believe in wind therapy and divine guidance. Until last year I was all Harley, but now have a 2018 GoldWing DCT trike converted….great bike!

    1. Hi Bart,
      I haven’t made it to Alaski yet. It’s on my bucket list, but I’m thinking I’m getting too old to tackle that one. We’ll have to see. I did ride in Hawaii on a rented bike, so I guess I can count that. I’ve been to the east coast 5 times, and a lot of west coast rides. I think my favorite is the Oregon coast. Also been up into Canada several times. I didn’t care for the high price of lodging. I’ve had my popup trailer for a little over a year now, so that has saved on the hotel costs.

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